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Inkspot Science are a team of data and software engineers who are passionate about helping you realise the potential value in your data.


Play To Our Strengths

Cloud Computing

Here at Inkspot we have experience of creating and deploying solutions in all major clouds including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Civo


Whether you need a custom data visualization or you need us to wire up to your existing visualization platform we have got you covered!

Data Science

Leverage our data engineering expertise to energise your data science journey. Let us help you match business challenges with data solutions.

Containerization / Orchestration

We have experience in containerization of solutions using Docker, both new and legacy. We also build and deploy production grade Kubernetes environments.

App Development

We specialise in creating web based apps. We also create native apps when we need to utilise mobile device features and sensors.

Study Management

We are seasoned veterans of managing and deploying study management solutions to capture user and device data.


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Observational Study Management

Get in touch with us to find out more about our study management solutions


Meet The Team

Paul Watson

Chief Executive Officer

Hugo Hiden

Chief Research Officer

Stephen Dowsland

Chief Data Officer

Mark Turner

Chief UX Officer


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